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Mentoring Program

At ATLAS, we desire to reach out to people in our area, to connect them relationally to grow in Christlikeness, to help the work of the Church in order to glorify God. We exist to walk alongside and share life with churches, businesses, individuals, families, and schools in order to touch lives for Christ in an effort to make disciples that are Attaining Truth, Love, And Self-control.

The ATLAS of Lyon County Mentor Program aims to unite the Lyon County area by equipping followers of Jesus Christ to help the hurting. We prayerfully connect those we serve alongside others who provide Christian friendship in order to partner with them in Attaining Truth, Love, and Self-control in all areas of life and work together to strengthen Christian community as Ecclesiastes 4: 9a and 10 says, “Two are better than one…if one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up.”

Mentoring occurs through a relational experience in which new habits, knowledge, skills, understanding, perspective, values, connections to resources, etc. are transferred. Our prayer is that God will use each of us to encourage each other as we move forward in our journey through life as one of our sisters in Christ shared:

"ATLAS has blessed my life in more ways than I can say. I came to ATLAS in October 2017, a very broken and bitter person; who put on a show for everyone around me, to hide how I was really doing. The staff immediately agreed to mentor me and got me started in the WOW (Women of Worth) Bible study group. I hated the idea at first and refused going to the Bible study for awhile. I eventually did show up and saw how thoughtful and dedicated to serving the leader was, so I decided to give it a try. After a few weeks, I also began volunteering at the Bread of Life ministry. It changed my life. Around Christmas was a specifically difficult time for me, but the staff continued to minister to me and pull me out of my own troubles by encouraging me to help others. I was able to volunteer at the Spirit Store and Bread of Life, be mentored and was gifted Christmas gifts to share with my family that otherwise would have gotten none; and I was a part of the Bible study. Those things quite literally pulled me through some of the most difficult months of my life. Seeing the Spirit work through those people and the ATLAS programs and constant caring, brought me to where I am today- in an emotionally and spiritually healthy place. The ministry of ATLAS has impacted my entire life for the better, and I am so very grateful."

The goal of the ATLAS of Lyon County Mentor Program is that each individual becomes more self-reliant & dependent on God AND growing Christian family (the Church). If you are interested in providing or receiving the gift of time, a listening ear, prayer, and spiritual encouragement through ATLAS Mentoring, please contact ATLAS of Lyon County at (712) 472-9016.