Why should I care?

Why should I care what happens to you. How do your troubles affect me? Leave me alone. I have my own problems. This seems to be the world’s stance all too often anymore. Self-centered, instant gratification with an inflated ego & a sense of entitlement to everything, everywhere. When did this happen?

Some say after World War 1. We were happy, jobs were available & banks were starting to loan money again. People began spending money that they didn’t have. The cost of products & services were on the rise. Folks had an obsession of wanting to live like the Rockefellers. Lavish parties & moral outrage ensued.

Some say after World War 2 when women found empowerment by being a valued part of the workforce. Suddenly women could not be the stay-at-home mothers they once were. Families needed that extra income to afford those new-found luxuries. The bigger house in the suburbs & the cars. Oh man, they were beauties back then!

Still some say the women’s movement. Others, the civil-rights movement. Still others blamed it on those dirty hippies & their psychedelic drugs with the music to match. I bet I could find hundreds, if not thousands of different ideas as to when & where the world went wrong.

Honestly, they may all be good points. There’s good arguments in favor of many of them. People have died for the right to say these things. This great country was founded on that idea. We ALL inherently have that right! Not that WE are right, but we can say whatever we want, however ignorant or profound the statement.

I believe these arguments are ultimately wrong! It all started when Adam & Eve ate from the tree of knowledge of good & evil. It’s not worth arguing who is to blame, or what kind of fruit it was. (Although, I bet it was that large spikey, stinky fruit that even Andrew Zimmern couldn’t stomach!  He’s the guy from Bizarre Foods on the Travel Channel. That guy has eaten just about everything there is. Period!)

From the time that Adam & Eve’s expulsion from the Garden of Eden, to today’s events, nothing has really changed. Sure there’s been amazing strides in basically all aspects of life. Medicine, industry, science & entertainment, just to mention the most recent. Knowledge has made enormous advances in the last 100 years!

Although, we cannot forget war. We’ve harnessed the power of the atom. We’ve created mass destruction on a scale that hasn’t been seen since the dinosaurs! It’s exactly the same force that fuels every star in the universe. That includes our Sun. The very thing that gives us light & so much more!

God only knows what all this knowledge is going to do to us. Better said, what we’re going to do with it. Did you catch that? God only knows. As in, ONLY God knows! We can speculate & believe me, we could very well do some extraordinary things. We could also destroy the very thing we hold dearest to us. Life itself.

Maybe there could be a change. Is it possible to stop focusing on ourselves? Do you think we are capable of seeing a bigger picture? Individually, sure. But as a whole? Honestly, not a chance. In order to come to the understanding that we really aren’t in control of all things, we would all have to agree that something, or someone is. I certainly believe there is! His name is God. He gave us to tools to deal with life & all the questions that come along with it. It’s called the Holy Bible!

Now, just to be clear. He didn’t tell us anything about the dinosaurs or the “cave men” for a reason. That reason is because these things do not matter! The earth is over 4 billion years old. We are always finding out new things about the universe around us. The bible says that God created the universe & everything in it in 6 days. I bet that God’s 6 days & our 6 days differ in perception.

I’m not an astrophysicist or any sort of mathematician. But I understand that time is only as relevant as the perception of the person thinking about it. In other words, when your spouse says that they will be ready in 10 minutes, you understand that to mean 45. After all, they consistently do that. You probably don’t agree with that, but you learn to deal with it! It’s easy to accept that.

Why then, is it so hard to believe in a creator? There IS a divine plan. That creator loves each & every one of us & wants us to live a life of love. He’s given us instructions on how to live that life. It’s the Bible! That book is an instruction manual for life. Its basis is love. Not only God’s love, but of each other. That was displayed in the life, cruel death & resurrection of Christ Jesus. We WILL live again! That in itself leaves me speechless! While sounding like an infomercial: BUT WAIT! Now you know that there’s something even better than all of that before! Jesus Christ ascended into heaven & is seated at the right hand of God Almighty! He promised that he WILL be back for you & me so we can be with him! Now THAT’S love!

In the meantime, he instructed us to love each other as he first loved us. God loved Adam & Eve. He warned them not to eat of that fruit. But they had to be self-centered, entitled egomaniacs with a God complex that wanted to be Him in every way. Boy, weren’t they in for a surprise!

I have to admit, I’m that way at times. I’m willing to bet that there’s only been one person walk this earth that wasn’t. Jesus of Nazareth, our lord & savior. THE Christ. The Greek word Christos, meaning “anointed one” or “Chosen One”. This is the equivalent to the Hebrew word “Mashiach” or “Messiah”.

He showed us what love means. His love meant “all of himself” to him. His love IS God’s love. I am only human & God knows that I’m not a saint! I’ll never measure up to that standard. None of us will. But, through His love, if we believe in Him, that He came to earth to set us free from our guilt, we will one day KNOW the face of GOD!

Maybe with that love, we can care about something other than ourselves. That’s what ATLAS is all about. We care about you & want to love you too. I’m just waiting for the phone to ring!

– Jeff


John 3:16 (ESV)

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.”