Why am I here?

Why am I here? That’s a question I often ask myself. Just like anybody else, when I go through tough times in life, I wonder “Why? What did I do to deserve this? Where do I go now, or what do I do?” Sometimes I even ask “Where is God when I need him?” Even Jesus asked that question. Just before his death on the cross, he asked “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” Sounds like he saying “Where are you when I need you?” Those words came from the mouth of Jesus! I’m just human. A speck in the dust in the grand scheme of things. So if Jesus asked that question, it’s alright that I ask, is it not?

There is a difference. He knew God. He stood face to face with the father of all things. He probably even had day-to-day chit chat with the creator of the universe! Jesus, if anyone, could ask that question & had the right to do so. Right? I doubt that’s what he meant.

Perhaps a better question to ask would be “Where was I when God tried to advise me not to do these things? Where was I when he tried to quiet me from saying such hurtful things? Even where was I when he tried to hold me while I was weeping, so he could weep with me? Where was I?”

I often times find myself in wonder of his marvelous creation, but I forget that I’m part of that creation. He made me exactly to his specifications. He molded my personality & my thoughts. He used my indiscretions to better me, even when I wouldn’t listen to him. He continues to work me into who he needs me to be, despite my stupidity! He loves me like no other! He loves you exactly the same & he wants to do the same in your life.