Bless A Family is Now the Spirit Store

What is the Spirit Store?

The ATLAS of Lyon County Spirit Store is a one-day shopping experience designed to help financially challenged families thrive (not just survive) in the Christmas Season. Individuals and families are welcome to shop and purchase new items at greatly reduced prices. We seek to create an experience of dignity, respect and stewardship for all involved– customers, donors, and volunteers.

Where/When is the Spirit Store?

The date and place may change depending on the accommodations needed for the store. In 2016 the Spirit Store will be held in the Frontier Bank Basement on Saturday December 3. Because of this early date, it is important to be earlier with donations if you feel led to support this event.

Who can use the Spirit Store?

Individuals and families experiencing a financial hardship (defined by income guidelines) are welcome to shop. We ask that everyone bring the first page of their most recent tax return to verify household income, the most recent month’s pay stubs, or qualifying life event as determined by ATLAS staff. This is a requirement to shop and no exceptions will be made.



How can we help?

The Spirit Store offers items at discounted prices because of our community’s generous donations of items and money. Please call our office (472-9016) or stop (112 1st Ave, Rock Rapids) by for a list of needed items or to make a financial contribution. Involve your groups, kids, churches, the possibilities of impact are endless! Donations need to be brought back into our office by November 21, 2016 so now is the time to start shopping!


Shopping Tips and Policies:

Use respectful words and manners.  The Store can be crowded, especially when it first opens.  Please, thank you, excuse me, and no problem along with a smile go a long way.

Be honest.  We ask that you shop for your household family members only and tell us the truth about who lives with you and your household’s income.

Pay for  your items.  We provide several avenues for payment and have greatly reduced prices.  If there is an extreme financial hardship this year, ask us about using your time and talents.

Shop wisely.  A limit is set per family, so be prepared to shop within that.  We do not accept “returns” or “trades”.  Know your limits and plan accordingly before you purchase.

Share your blessing.  If you know of someone who could benefit from shopping at the Spirit Store, tell them about it!


Our staff reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime.