Mentoring Youth for Leadership by JFA

Program Overview

Mentoring Youth for Leadership is funded by Justice For All (, in part by a grant through the Department of Justice and Juvenile Prevention in partnership with Leadership Foundations ( to provide mentoring for youth.  The purpose of the program is to connect youth with an adult mentor whose role is to be a trusted adult friend, positive role model, a companion, and a nurturer of potential in the youth’s life.

Research has shown that mentoring greatly benefits the academic, social and emotional development and well-being of youth.  Mentoring Youth for Leadership seeks to provide opportunities for youth to build healthy relationships, develop passions, contribute to community, and grow personally.  JFA believes that mentoring can make a huge difference in providing a source of motivation, encouragement and inspiration for both mentees and mentors.

Through JFA’s partnership with Leadership Foundations, JFA has access to excellent online training materials for mentors, as well as, mentees and their parents that help participants learn more about the relationship, expectations and aspects that will make them be more successful in connecting with one another and creating a long-term relationship.

Mentee Requirements

Youth mentee applicants need to be in middle or high school, fill out an application, complete an online training course, and be available to meet with their mentors at least once a week for a half an hour.  Parents of youth mentees need to consent to their youth’s participation in the program and complete an online training course.

Download an application and consent form here or pick up a copy at the JFA or ATLAS of Lyon County office.

Mentor Requirements

Adult mentor applicants are required to fill out an application, complete a criminal background check, provide personal and professional references, participate in an in-person interview, and be available to meet with their mentee at least once a week for a half an hour.  They are also required to complete online and in-person trainings, as well as, ongoing support activities and monthly check-in communication provided by the Justice For All Mentoring Program Managers, Noemi DeWeerd (Sioux County area) and Beth Judd (Lyon County area).

Download an application here or pick up a copy at the JFA or ATLAS of Lyon County office.

For More Information Call

Justice For All

(712) 476-2804

Noemi DeWeerd (Sioux County)

Beth Judd (Lyon County)