This is where it all started. Because of one persons personal pain & the need to talk with like-minded individuals, ATLAS is now in many places across the country. We are all separate entities, yet we are together in Christ Jesus & the mission to walk along-side those who ask! This is an excerpt taken directly from the ATLAS Overview on their webpage.

“As we view ourselves on the road of life we find ourselves in a “pothole” from time to time. Sometimes we need people to give us a helping hand. Inside the walls of our churches we do a pretty good job of recognizing the needs of those who are hurting. Outside these walls we are unaware and less effective. This is not a criticism of our churches, it is simply reality. If we don’t walk in the unchurched world, we don’t see it; if we don’t see it we don’t understand it; and if we don’t understand it, we won’t minister effectively to it.

Recently, the potholes in our communities have grown bigger. We have a much higher percentage of isolated people living outside of a church body and apart from the way God has instructed and intended. Many are finding themselves in a pothole needing a helping hand but have no infrastructure of relationships to provide it.

ATLAS was started to address these unmet needs of our communities. ATLAS is intentional about walking close to this world, connecting individuals and families in mentoring relationships with strong, mature Christians.”

Please visit them & learn more about our united goal.